Location Theme Naming: The Bajor is part of a lot of 28 Galaxy

Flashback Nightmare: Eleya’s recurring dream about being stabbed fending off an Orion Boarding Party makes a reappearance. Great Offscreen War: The current 40 Eri shipyard is built on the same site as a Vulcan yard that was destroyed by the Romulans during the Earth Romulan War 250 years earlier. The ongoing Federation Klingon War also gets mentioned as the reason for the Bajor’s construction but doesn’t play a role in the plot. I Have Many Names: The fact that Tess’s name is different in her native language as opposed to Imperial Andorii causes some problems with a Vulcan customs officer when the name she gives him doesn’t match the name on her travel papers. Interquel: Set between From Bajor to the Black/”The Universe Doesn’t Cheat” and Bait and Switch. Location Theme Naming: The Bajor is part of a lot of 28 Galaxy class starships, all of which are named after Federation homeworlds. Andoria, Cait, Earth, Vulcan, Trill, Coridan, Benzar, and Zakdorn are also mentioned. Named After Somebody Famous: The shuttle Al Birjandi is named after a 16th century Persian astronomer. Patron Saint: Before piloting the Bajor out of drydock for the shakedown cruise, Lieutenant Park Jin Soo kisses a medallion of Saint Joseph of Cupertino, the patron saint of pilots and astronauts in real life. Properly Paranoid: Downplayed. Taurik thinks Eleya’s being paranoid by insisting that the Bajor be 100% operational before leaving dock, calling the fiasco at the start of Star Trek: Generations a very large number to one occurrence. Eleya’s sort of right http://theselfconsultancy.com/2013/12/25/this-process-has-intensified-over-the-last-few-days/, but the Bajor technically didn’t need to be the ship that responded to the distress call from the SS Azura. Eleya was just stressed and wanted to shoot something. Real Award, Fictional Character: Eleya cites Vice Admiral Harnett from Starfleet Science as a 2392 Nobel Prize in Physics recipient, but considers him Armchair Military.”Congratulations. Have you ever fired your service weapon outside the range?”

In Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, the Yux enemies can generate Mini Yux from themselves, which produce shields that can block all damage Mario and his partners can do. The regular and “Z” Yuxes create one mini Yux per turn, meaning Mario or his active partner can destroy the Mini Yux while the other harms the Yux directly. The X Yux, however, generates two per turn, requiring multi target attacks, or else the X yux will just create another shield as soon as the last one goes down. Grodus, the Mad Scientist who created these enemies, uses a similar system in battle, where he’ll summon two Grodus X units per turn. Each Grodus X reduces damage to Grodus until four of them surround him, upon which they will negate all damage done to Grodus until at least one Grodus X unit is destroyed.

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