Then, switch the conversation to something other than school

Miles Gloriosus and The Neidermeyer: The Army is filled with them because the books and series are set at a time when wealthy men looking for glory bought their commissions and merit based promotions were extremely rare. The Duke of Wellington is Genre Savvy enough to know when subordinate officers are trying to blow smoke up his assnote usually when they’re trying to disparage Sharpe. The chief Neidermeyer for the series would be Sir Henry Simmerson, the original commander of the South Essex Regiment. He’s more concerned with superficial things like proper marching and making sure his men stand ramrod straightnote assisted by the use of leather chokers that scar the men’s necks. He’s absolutely useless in combat and spends every appearance as the Butt Monkey of every character he goes against. For Miles Gloriosus, Lieutenant Colonel Girdwood from Sharpe’s Regiment would be the prime example. He writes poetry extolling the glory of combat, but has never fought a real battle in his life. Sharpe eventually bullies Girdwood into leading the South Essex into combat, but a near miss from a cannonball reduces him to a blubbering mess. Not So Different: In Sharpe’s Rifles, Sharpe discovers that he’s risking his men’s lives for an ancient legend: that if the flag of St James is hoisted at Torre Castro, the people of Spain will rise up against the French. Furiously, he confronts Hogan:Sharpe: Do you really believe men will fight and die for a rag on a pole?

If you and your spouse are college students, March is the time for midterm exams. It is traditionally a stressful time of the semester. You are about to take exams that will impact the rest of the semester, either positively or negatively. See to it that each of you has what you need to do your best on your exams. Study during the day, when you are fresh and rested after a good night’s sleep. Before going to bed, take some time to wind down and reconnect with each other. Offer to help each other with papers or projects. If you are stressed out about an exam or an assignment, talk about it. Then, switch the conversation to something other than school. Perhaps there is an upcoming event that you are both excited about, such as a charity walk. Talk about the walk. Talk about what you plan to wear on the day of the event or what you want to have for breakfast that morning. If you plan to get new shoes before the walk, you might talk about what kind of shoes you would like to get and about walking together to break them in before walk day. There are many pleasant topics to discuss before bed to help you both go to bed in a good mood. Do not go to bed angry. You will not sleep well.

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