“Obstructionism” is the majority’s term for minority protection

Open/close all foldersAborted Arc: Chang’s Sanity Slippage at the beginning of season two was supposed to feed into a subplot where Chang would be haunted by the twin sister he ate in utero. The idea was quietly dropped, though it was briefly referenced in “The First Chang Dynasty.” In “Beginning Pottery”, Rich is revealed to have severe mommy issues. He’s seen a few times in season two, but his Freudian Excuse is never brought up again. The show Abed makes based off his adventures with the study group is never brought up again after Season 1. Academy of Adventure: Between paintball wars, pillow fort civilizations and vocational secret societies, Greendale campus has definitely grown into this over time. Adaptation Decay: In universe, the American remake of Inspector Spacetime shown in “Conventions of Space And Time” is considered an example of this by Abed, mostly due to the drastic changes suggested by Pierce at the focus group meeting (including making the Constable a blonde Statuesque Stunner and forcing the Inspector to sleep with his own grandmother in 1960’s San Francisco.) Abed: (whispering to Pierce) I hate you.

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Replica Stella McCartney bags The anime expands quite a bit on this, and it’s even creepier and sadder. Mariko’s GWPW stint is predated by a whole episode focusing on her issues with her parents: after finding her father Hikawa with the woman that he cheated on her mother Hisako with and running off as a result, Mariko goes home and finds her “weapon of choice” (in this version, a modern boxcutter) among her school things, and she’s this close to use it to slit her wrists open but barely decides against it. Then she takes it to school. and the first paragraph happens. Replica Stella McCartney bags

Falabella Replica Bags Share this PostA distinction should be drawn between the one senator hold and the 60 vote rule. Limitations on the one senator hold, such as a duration cap, seem sensible. But major legislative changes (such as the health industry revamp or environmental cap and trade) should never be enacted by a 51 49 type of margin they need to be designed with a broader basis of support. To do otherwise brings to mind the British follies of industry nationalizations, followed by denationalization, followed by nationalization again, and finally by denationalization once more. “Obstructionism” is the majority’s term for minority protection, until the tables turn. Falabella Replica Bags

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Replica Designer Handbags While the film is focused on Donnie trying to live up to the legacy of his late father, one can argue that Donnie also is a Generation Xerox of sorts to the Italian Stallion himself: He started his career in underground bouts, was trained by Rocky before debuting in a professionally sanctioned fight (like Mickey took Rocky under his wing), and found his love interest, Bianca, in the neighborhood (like how Adrian and Rocky met). Replica Designer Handbags

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