They experimented with images created by prominent artists who

Now FAPE and Crayola are integrating art education with the artworks procured and developed for American embassies, and using them for the enlightened creativity of children in the broader United States school curriculum. I attended Family Day at Christie’s where a fun international coloring kit produced by FAPE was handed out as a gift to kids and Crayola sponsored computer stations that were set up with guides who are members of the National Art Education Association to help facilitate the children’s experiences. The images displayed for children are based on works from FAPE’s Site Specific, Original Print and GIFT TO THE NATION Collections. They experimented with images created by prominent artists who are part of FAPE’s Collection. Between juice boxes and Lolli pops, children delighted in experiencing their natural abilities merging with images on the screen, technically tuning into their artistic dynamism. It seemed hard to pull them away from the task at hand as they curiously investigated and came up with their own interpretations of art. Who knows, maybe Christie’s will be auctioning off great works of yet to be realized geniuses 20 years into the future because of this program?

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