Backlund, Bachelor of Science, Electrical and Computer

Community involvement: President of GBAA for two years. Scorekeeping, coaching, fundraising for Heart and Stroke Foundation and Terry Fox. What does it mean to be named your school’s athlete of the year: It means a lot to me to be recognized as the top athlete in my school.

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Then, I won teacher of the year at my school, and they posted my picture with the award. They posted it to Twitter, the school TV show, Facebook. It was everywhere. As a result, their gross debt has risen to a point where it is just about unsustainable. Since 2009, Sunderland’s debt has almost trebled to 141m, with 58m owed directly to Short and 83m owed as part of a new borrowing arrangement with Security Benefit Corporation (SBC). Of that 83m, 68m is in the form of a loan, with 15m committed to a revolving credit facility..

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