Laws and systems are created to take money from the productive

Links containing useful information are found here. This compiles all the known Looping universes, along with their Anchors and Loopers. You can add to the Multiverse with this form. Laws and systems are created to take money from the productive and enterprising people of society and give it to the useless and “needy” people just to narrow the gap between the rich and poor. These cause the useless and “needy to continue being useless and “needy” because of free government handouts, while making it harder and less motivating for the productive and enterprising. It’s like communism which takes from those who have more and give to those who have less all in the name of “equality”.. He said, “Humanity (Man) was born into barbarism when killing a (his) fellow human (man) was a normal condition of existence. Humanity (He) became endowed with a conscience. And we (he) have now reached the day when violence toward another human being must become as abhorrent as eating another’s flesh.” (Why We Can’t Wait, pg.

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