Other measures being researchedMcGrath added the province is

John’s lawyer Ches Crosbie launched the class action lawsuit in January 2011, claiming the provincial government is to blame for failing to control the moose population.Nick McGrath says the provincial government is pleased with the court decision to dismiss the moose vehicle collision class action lawsuit launched against government. (CBC)Crosbie said Friday while the case was dismissed, it was an “enormous moral victory” for the plaintiffs.”The government won in a court of law, but lost in the court of public opinion,” said Crosbie.”Most of the public thinks government must take action on the moose collision issue, and government is finally about to do so. It would not be taking action without the lawsuit.”Crosbie added he intends to appeal the court’s decision.Other measures being researchedMcGrath added the province is “committed to mitigating,” as many moose vehicle collisions as possible..

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